A tribute to Colorado’s rich history

The highest-ranking and a most distinguished Jewish American soldier in US history.

  • Who is behind the idea and funding


The three main forces behind this project were:

Paul Shamon, Marshall Fogel, and George Lundeen. Funding has been organic and is community driven


  • The Monument will look like and Why


The Monument of “Two Star” Major General Maurice Rose has been designed by one of Colorado’s leading sculptors, Mr. George Lundeen of Loveland, Colorado. It will take approximately 6 months to manufacture after funds are raised. There is already a place on the Rose Community Foundation’s Website for the collection of tax-deductible contributions for this monument. We are awaiting the approval from the State of Colorado regarding permanent placement prior to formally launching fund raising and final production of this monument.  This will be a permanent gift of donated art (that will include perpetual maintenance) to the State of Colorado.

Powerful Purpose

The purpose of this sculpture is to honor a Colorado resident and national hero who is an example to future generations of extraordinary patriotism and fortitude.   He moved to Denver at age 3, went to Elbert Elementary and Wittier Elementary before East High School in Denver. He, his parents, brother, wife, and son all lived in Denver until he died in 1945. Major General Rose was the highest-ranking US servicemen killed as a prisoner of war in WWII and is the highest-ranking and most distinguished Jewish American soldier in US history.  As far as we know (of the thousands of monuments and statues in the State of Colorado) there is not one State-sanctioned and displayed monument to a Jewish American. He has one of the most distinguished military records in US History. He was the most decorated Armored Battlefield commander in US Military History.  He was awarded: The Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star with two Oak Leaf Clusters, Legion of Merit with an Oak Leaf Cluster, Bronze Star with an Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart with an Oak Leaf Cluster, French Legion of Honor, French Croix de Guerre with Palm, and the Belgian Croix de Guerre with Palm.

The Monument

This monument will be a ten-foot figure of General Rose.  He will be depicted, dressed in his tanker jacket, cavalry jodhpurs, helmet, and sidearm, gallantly leading his troops.   The monument will be modeled in clay, then cast in bronze.  The sculpture will be mounted on an eight-foot-tall piece of solid granite.


The sculpture will weigh about 2000 pounds and the granite base, 8’ tall by 5’ by 5’ about 50,000 pounds.


The sculpture will need a structure/foundation, of concrete as per your engineering specifications.

We are recommending an apron/walkway to be created surrounding the sculpture of approx. 24’ x 24’.


As the base will be made of granite, the four sides of the plinth will be a good space, with ample room to etch the story of General Rose. As well as to acknowledge those who made (financially) this monument possible.

Where the monument is being built and where it will be placed

The proposed location will be in LINCOLN VETERANS' MEMORIAL PARK (formally known as Lincoln Park). Today, there is a monument dedicated to and designed in recognition of the Medal of Honor recipient Joe Martinez.  This monument is located on the north portion of the park.  We would recommend placing the General Rose monument in the south portion, balancing the park, and giving each monument its own unique and individual area.