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Major General Maurice Rose is the most decorated battle tank commander in American history and the highest ranking Jewish soldier in World War II. He grew up in Denver in a prominent Jewish family and dropped out of high school to join the military. Rose served with valor in both World Wars, killed in action while leading his men from the front in 1945. He was the highest-ranking officer to be killed in Europe in World War II.

The General Rose Monument, created by renowned Colorado sculptor George Lundeen, honors a Colorado hero that the entire nation can look to as a point of pride and inspiration.

B366.02.0006_Rose in Chair Surrounded by Soldiers.jpg

Who was General Rose?

General Dwight D Eisenhower:

"[Rose] was not only one of our bravest and best, but was a leader who inspired his men to speedy accomplishment of tasks that to a lesser man would have seemed impossible."
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