Maurice Rose Monument Fund

Maj. Gen Maurice Rose was the highest-ranking US servicemen killed as a prisoner of war in WWII and is the highest-ranking and most distinguished Jewish American soldier in US history.

A tribute to Colorado’s rich history and national hero who is an example to future generations of extraordinary patriotism and fortitude.


This website is under construction...

In conjunction with the construction of the General Rose monument, this website is getting a facelift! Check back in late 2022 to learn more about the monument and General Rose.

Designed by Mr. George Lundeen of Loveland, Colorado it will take approximately 6 months to manufacture after funds are raised.


Historical Firsts

  • First to fire artillery shells into Germany

  • First to invade across the German border

  • First to capture a German town

  • First to breach the Siegfried Line

  • First to shoot down a German plane with guns emplaced on German soil

  • First to capture a major German city (Cologne)

  • First ground invasion of Germany since Napoleon

  • Record Holder of the longest one-day advance in history (101 miles)

  • He was instrumental as the principal negotiator of the first major surrender of Axis forces to American forces in World War II  (Tunisia 1943)


The Maurice Rose Book

All proceeds from this book’s sales will go to the Beck Archives at the University of Denver

How the Monument Became a Reality

This monument became a reality due to the support of Speaker of the House of Representatives Alec Garnett and Representative Patrick Neville. Once approved by the Colorado House of Representatives and Colorado Senate, as well as signed into law by Governor Polis this dream has become a reality.


Now the effort to raise the needed $500,000 to build, display and maintain this monument has begun. This monument is for all those who visit the Colorado Capitol, and we hope that the funding will truly be a community-driven endeavor.


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